Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How I'd spend $1000 on Snakes

   Recently, Brian @ BHB Reptiles did a show on how he would invest a certain amount of money into breeding snakes, and how to come out in the positives. Here is just a summary of how I, myself, would spend $1000.

    First, I'd decide what type of time frame I wanted to make money in. Of course, most people want to make money as fast as possible, but that's not always the best choice. Especially working with such a small 'starter' amount like $1000. You really can't jump right into Pied's or Spider Albino's ... but you can make what people call starter morphs.

   Let's just assume, I'm taking the quickest route possible, I have $1000, and I want to turn it around in less than a year. I'd only buy 3 snakes. 1 Pastel Breeder Female ($600), 1 Spider Breeder Male ($250), 1 Normal Breeder Female and $150 on materials (i.e. Tubs, Wood, Nails) to make my own rack. Your also going to have to purchase heating, and food during this time ... these are necessary weekly/daily costs, so we wont configure that into the initial $1000. Those 3 snakes, and 1 breeding season, and here is what I would predict to be the outcome.

   If your lucky, and both females lay, we'll say they lay 5 eggs each, out of the total 10 eggs, you are rewarded with the following morphs:
     2 Bumblebees - $450-550 Ea.
     2 Pastels - $80-$130 Ea.
     2 Spiders - $130-$220 Ea.
     4 Normals - $15-30 Ea.

   Now let's calculate the profit as if they are ALL Female's .... 2 Bumblebee's - $1100, 2 Pastels - $260, 2 Spiders - $440, 4 Normals - $120. Thats a gross profit of $920, not calculating the initial $1000 that you invested. This is by far a very good breeding outcome, you can also produce 10 Normals, and only make $300, then you've become upside down $700, and have to wait another year to try again.

   One thing I cannot stress enough to anyone looking to partake in this fine hobby, is never do it for the money. Brian said it best on his web show, "Follow what you love, and the money will come." That statement is so very true, and people who do it for the wrong reasons usually don't last very long. These are amazing animals, and even though they can bring you $$$ to the bank, its always about them.

Trey Jackson