Friday, October 29, 2010

Mazuri Rat Food - Product Review

Mazuri Rat Food, the key to my success in Rodent Breeding. This stuff is amazing. They actually have a formulated bag for strictly rodent breeding. The ingredients can be found HERE at their website. (1) 50lb bag for roughly $30, and if you have a small colony of rats, this will last you well over a month. I personally keep my rats on a relatively strict diet, so their feedings are proportioned to fit the need of the tub. If I have a nursing mother in a tub, then I will feed her a different amount than if I had 4-5 Small non-breeders in a tub. Rat's can eat like theres no tomorrow, and it's very important to keep them regulated because if you put 50 pellets in a tub, they will eat 50 pellets before you can leave the room. 

The Pro's:

1. This product is very accurate by what they put into it. Everything is as perfect as you can get it. A perfect balance of protein, and other necessary vitamins and minerals for your breeders is what make's this the key to your success.
2. Price. Let's assume you aren't breeding rats. You buy your feeders once a week, and you have 10 snakes. Let's say you have to buy 5 SMALL Rats ($2), and 5 MEDIUM Rats ($3) ... those are the prices I was paying for those sizes. That's roughly $25 a week, $100 per month, $1200 a year. Now lets calculate what you'd pay for Mazuri Rodent Food if your following MY Diet Plan, $30 Bag every 5-6 Weeks .... $258 PER YEAR

You see how much money you can save? Mazuri is GREAT for your feeders, and you breed QUALITY feeders. Not Pet-Store Junk. 

The Con's:

1. Make it more available in Pet Stores.

That's the ONLY con.

Im really adamant about breeding quality feeders, and I'm just trying to share my success and information with you, the reader. If you have ANY questions about it, comment below, or message me on Facebook. 

I will be posting a 'Guide' to help you get started with your own Rat colony if you have room/time. It's very easy, and fun to do. 

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  1. Awesome man, thanks. I was looking for someone who has used this and wanted to see if it was worth it. Looking online for some to order now :)