Friday, October 22, 2010

Rhino Raxx - Product Review

1 Word - AWESOME!

These Racks are by far the best I've personally owned so far. They come already assembled, Flex-Watt installed, and are put together beautifully. The pricing is far superior to any other 'Buy Online' Racks that I have seen. These racks are for the Breeder/Hobbyist that cant afford the more expensive snake racks.

1. No Drilling Required.
2. The ONLY, I mean ONLY, thing you have to do, is plug the cord into your thermostat, that's it.
3. Fair Pricing. (5 High, Compressed PVC, w/ Tubs & Heat = $339)
4. Very Sturdy. 
5. Humidity. This rack retains humidity like a Sauna. Non-Pourous material unlike Wood/Melamine. 

1. Time to receive product. It takes generally 3-5 weeks (according to the website), but it is WELL worth the wait.

These racks are amazing, and a must-have for the up and coming Herper. I have recommended these racks to just about everyone I know that keeps Snakes/Reptiles. 

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