Thursday, November 18, 2010

When Disaster Strikes!

    When keeping any type of animal, your eventually going to have to deal with them passing on to the big wide world in the sky. It stinks, but it's apart of the cycle of life.

    Recently, I had to deal with this. Over the last 3-4 days, I've had a decent amount of my rats pass. I have no idea why, and that's the part that hurts the most. I feed/water/check everyday to make sure they have exactly what they need to thrive happily, and healthy. If you know you're doing everything right, you take the time to care for your animal's properly, clean, water, feed .... it does NOT make you immune to some sort of disaster. I saw disaster because I don't like using the word death/dying.

   My situation was pretty rare, I wont go into details about what happened, but I will give you the synopsis of how I found them. Base on what string Im working, be it Days/Nights/Eve's, I check my rats everyday at the same time. Well, I checked them the day before, fed them, checked on my wife's favorite rat Mayble, she's good, everything is A J squared away. I go to work, come home, sleep .... wake up. Open my shed, and I could just feel it. I checked my Small Rat tub, they're good, Breeder Tub #1 ... oh crap ... Breeder Tub #2 ... What the? ... Breeder Tub #3 ... How? ... Seeing the animals that I work so hard to care for, laying there lifeless was a big shot in the gut. I immediately checked on my snakes, because I didn't want what was hurting my rats, to hurt my snakes. They're all good.

   After I got the tub's cleaned up, and disinfected, I re-situated my breeders and small rats. I lost 11 Rats, a few rat pinks, in just 24 hours. I know how, and what hurt them, it was something that you probably don't hear about ... ever. Let's just leave it at that.

   Dealing with this type of stuff is something you never get used too, it's always hurtful, especially when you have the work you do for them down to a 'T' ... but we have to grab it by the horns, and deal with it.

   I apologize about it being so long for me to post, I promise it's gonna be more frequent from now on, now that I know exactly when I'm working, and when I'm off.

                                          **Give-a-way ends tomorrow, good luck to you all!***

God Bless.


  1. Dude, I am so sorry. I know what that feels like and it really is not something you want to relive again. Hopefully you are able to get back up and running soon and back into having the collection you once did. It is a labor of love in the end and it always hurts to have things like this happen. Best wishes to you.

  2. I appreciate it alot, it sucks. It will take me a while to rebuild my Rat breeders, I should be alright when it comes to feeding my snakes though.